Re-Act Funding can make the difference in a Redundancy situation

Redundancy – the transition to something great. Re-Act Funding in Wales makes the difference when someone is being made redundant.

Being made redundant can be very stressful, but it can also offer new opportunities. Redundancy gives you the chance to follow that dream you’ve always wanted, try something new or perhaps simply provides the time to take stock and hit the pause button briefly to consider your options – redundancy can be the making of you!

Our Lead Trainer Laura Evans knows first hand the benefits of Re-Act Funding; Laura was made/took redundancy 3 times during her corporate career and each time life got even better for her (yes, seriously!)

Redundancy provided opportunities and access to a training grant each time Laura was made redundant that really helped her secure the jobs she wanted and increased her employability.

Yes, there is no denying the early days can be tough when you’ve been told you’re being made redundant. Sometimes it feels scary, unsettling, can create uncertainty, maybe it puts you into overwhelm as you worry about how you can pay your bills or care for your loved ones. These feelings are quite normal reactions – but we promise you this phase passes. We support people to come out of this phase, see ways they can retake control and move forward towards a new goal. We get lots of people on our courses who are at a cross-roads in their life and NLP is great for not only equipping you with lots of new skills and experiences you can use in the workplace, but it also helps you with your own mindset as you go through this transition phase.

Re-Act funding – am I eligible?

In Wales, we are very lucky to have access to Welsh Government support through the Redundancy Action Scheme (Re-Act). ReAct helps people affected by redundancy gain new skills – skills you need to help you secure employment. The great thing is that if you meet certain criteria you can have access to a training grant of up to £1,500 to acquire new skills, retrain and/or change career if you live or work in Wales (cool, eh?);

Details of the criteria can be found here, and include;

  • Have you become unemployed in the last 3 months as a result of redundancy, are currently unemployed and who have not been in continuous employment for 6 weeks or more since being made redundant; or
  • Are currently under notice of redundancy; and
  • Have not undertaken any publicly funded training since being made redundant, including the work-based learning suite of programmes

The other great thing is that the ReAct grant is not means tested – so no matter what your salary if you are an employee and want help to gain skills to gain another job – you can apply for the £1,500 grant.

Re-Act funding – how does it work (from an applicants point of view)?

In order to ensure that training funded by Re-Act provides the best possible chance of helping you acquire skills that will help you find a new job, all applicants need to have their training needs assessed by Careers Wales. In essence they will review the course you have selected and will need to understand how that will help you secure employment (not necessarily doing the same thing as you were before), they will help you create a career action plan that the Re-Act team will need to see when they consider your application for Re-Act funding.

The Careers Wales Team are really helpful and knowledgeable and will help you understand and complete the paperwork needed for your application and will be able to advise on access to additional funds, if for example you need to be away from home to complete a course (covering hotel and mileage costs) or need additional funds to support child care. You can contact your local Careers Wales office on 0800 100 900. Once the form is correctly and fully completed (Careers Wales can help you with this), the Re-Act team are really good at turning around applications fairly quickly.

Timing is critical if you want to access the Re-Act fund – The ReAct training grant is for training that takes place while you are under notice of redundancy or after you have been made redundant BUT must be approved before you start a new job (and also has the 3 month limit detailed above).

ReAct funding – do Unleash Your Potential take people on their NLP courses who are funded by a Re-Act grant?

Yes! We are happy to help people use the fantastic Re-Act training grant for our NLP Courses. People who want to use redundancy as an opportunity to enhance their skills and chances of getting a job, retrain or make a change in career are our type of delegates!  We view redundancy as a fantastic opportunity (seriously!) – and it’s not unheard of for us to congratulate people who have been given the golden opportunity that redundancy creates … particularly in Wales where we have the support of Re-Act funding!