Online NLP Practitioner Course (LIVE via Zoom)

An online NLP course – 8 days of personal development that changes your thinking and our students tell us changes their results

Hear about the course from our Lead Trainer:

Attend our NLP Practitioner training live online, with ABNLP accredited & multi award winning NLP Trainer Laura Evans 

Here at Unleash Your Potential, we strive to support you achieve the best version of you, by focusing on supporting you to achieve more, remove what’s holding you back, set the most compelling goals and positioning you to achieve the results you desire … sound good?!

Maybe you’re someone who would like to add tools to your toolkit that are born out of the study of human excellence, are flexible, can be used in any context, AND are some of the fastest ways to help others bring about change …

What do our previous delegates say?

Meets and exceeds the standards set by the largest NLP governing body worldwide, the ABNLP

Virtual NLP Course Introduction to NLP
NLP Practitioner Course - CovidSecure Unleash Your Potential
nlp training online

Our online NLP Practitioner course is certified by the largest NLP governing body worldwide, the ABNLP (American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming). If you want to learn NLP from anywhere in the world with an experienced multi award winning NLP Trainer, you are in the right place! Our students say we are the “gold standard” in NLP Training and they train with Laura because as one of our student’s put it, we offer the “best Neuro Linguisitic Programming courses online”. We offer NLP training online and in person at our CovidSecure Training base in Cardiff so you’ve got choice over when and how you train – access our course dates here! Our online NLP Practitioner Course is 8 days long and is split over two long weekends (Friday – Monday). This means you don’t have to commit to doing 7 days straight (as with our in person NLP Practitioner course). Adding the extra day allows for more breaks (which are needed on zoom) and means extra time to ensure you get the support you need. Splitting the online nlp practitioner course in two halves also means you get time to practice between the first and second parts of the course and we’ll have a big Q&A with Laura at the start of the second part of the online course to discuss how your practicing has been going.

With our Neuro Linguistic Programing online course split into two parts, this also means most people will only need to book off 4 days from work (1 day from 4 different weeks). We hope this enables more people to arrange their work and personal life to be able to attend our online nlp course and get the benefit of learning from Laura’s knowledge and expertise in NLP. In order to ensure our online NLP Practitioner course is able to deliver the same excellent standard of NLP Training as our in person course, you will find plenty of Certified NLP Coaches available for support so there is always help on hand and Laura starts each day holding a Q&A each morning to answer any questions from the previous day.

You will be asked to complete pre-course study prior to attending the live Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner training online so that you arrive able to get the most out of the course (this is the same for our in person NLP Practitioner course). The pre-course study can be completed at your own pace at home and enables you to gain a foundation level knowledge of NLP which means we are free to spend more time practicing and building confidence in the technology of NLP when we are together. Our NLP Practitioner Courses are designed to teach you all the Practitioner level NLP concepts and techniques, so that you don’t only know them, but you know them and how to use them.

At Unleash Your Potential we pride ourselves on delivering high quality courses, offering fantastic award winning customer service throughout your experience with us, and providing incredible value for our delegates. Check out our delegate video testimonials – people love what we do, our delivery style and what the course offers them – that’s why a high proportion of our delegates are referred to us by previous delegates ….

(Looking for an in-person NLP Practitioner course – click here)


Why Choose An NLP Practitioner Course?

  • Are you achieving and getting everything you want in your life?
  • Would you like to learn how to make your dreams into goals you can really achieve? (and believe you can!)
  • Do you have emotional baggage or negative/unhelpful thinking that is holding you back – imagine what you could achieve if you got rid of that?
  • Would you like to learn fantastic communication skills so you can communicate more effectively?
  • Want to understand more about how your mind actually works, so you can make changes that help empower you to achieve what you want?
  • Are you keen on personal development and would you like to learn additional skills that can help you achieve more?
  • Would you like to learn some of the techniques sport personalities, celebrities, politicians, high powered business professionals around the world and people like you and I can use to get results?
  •  If you’re looking to help others through coaching or therapy, would you like to learn how to help others make real changes easily and quickly?
  •  Would you be interested in becoming more effective in your career? as a manager? as a professional?
  • Want to get out of a rut, better manage your emotions, or take back control of your life?
  • Understand how your mind works so you can influence others elegantly?
  • Perhaps you’re a business owner, who wants to remove what’s holding you back so you can take your business to the next level?
  • Be able to change the unhelpful strategies you unconsciously run in your mind (and help others do the same)?
  • Do you have internal conflicts that you’d like to resolve so you have more energy to do what you want to do?
  • Do you want to help others as a Coach – are you interested in a toolkit used by millions globally in Coaching?
online nlp practitioner course
online nlp course

What’s Involved & When Can I Do It?


  • None – Just an attitude of curiosity and a willingness to learn.

Pre-Course Study

  • 50-60 Hours
  • Audio Programmes (lifetime access online)
  • Comprehensive Manual (posted to you)
  • Complete the quiz to ensure a clear understanding

Live Training

  • 8 days live virtual training on Zoom
  • Expand your knowledge
  • Hear each topic explained and see each subject demonstrated
  • Practice in a safe environment
  • Ask questions to aid your understanding
  • Small groups – max. 18 delegates on the course
  • Receive feedback from coaches

Online NLP Practitioner Course Dates:


Spring 2024 Course:

  • 8th – 11th Feb 2024 (Part A)
  • 21st – 24th March 2024 (Part B)

Summer 2024 Course:

  • 28th June – 1st July 2024 (Part A)
  • 19th – 22nd July 2024 (Part B)

 Autumn 2024 Course:

  • 27th – 30th Sept 2024 (Part A)
  • 18th – 21st October 2024 (Part B)

(you would have to attend all 8 days to become a Certified NLP Practitioner)

Click here to see ALL the NLP Practitoner course dates – in person and online

Check out Trust Pilot to read all about why our students think we are the leaders in NLP Training!

Why book our NLP Practitioner Course?

There are many reasons why people choose our NLP courses. Some choose us for our high standards, quality of our trainers and courses – ‘you explain everything clearly and it’s easy for me to get it’. Many people join us because of the way we are able to provide both personal and professional development on our courses. Some book with us because they have been referred to us by a previous delegate, or they’ve heard of the support we provide delegates from the moment they book. Others book because we’re accredited by the ABNLP (American Board of NLP) the largest NLP body worldwide and the board with the highest standards – which we exceed in terms of content, syllabus and teaching standards.

At Unleash Your Potential, we teach NLP in a way that means you can put things into practice straight away. It’s not uncommon for us to have people attend our courses having studied elsewhere – “I left [other providers] course without the skill and confidence to actually do NLP – I’ve now learnt it properly and Laura is simply an amazing NLP Trainer – I’m so glad I found her!’ One delegate left our NLP Practitioner course, used his skills and secured a £6,000 business deal in the weeks after the course and another delegate used NLP with a coaching client two days after she qualified and was in awe at the results her client got!

Who should attend this course?

We have all types of people on Practitioner courses. Anyone interested in self improvement, personal development or helping others are welcome on our courses! We’ve had people from all walks of life on our courses from Leaders, HR Professionals, Lawyers, Parents, Teachers, Business Owners, Wealth Managers, Students, IT Managers, Change Managers, Trainers, Personal Trainers, Housewives, Business men/women, Therapists, Counsellors, Unemployed, Barristers, Accountants, Salesmen, Directors, Social workers, Consultants, Personal Assistants, people who have just been made Redundant, Managers, Nannies  ……….  I could go on, but I am sure you can see that anyone and everyone can and does, come on the course.

What will I learn on the NLP Practitioner course?

This is an extensive NLP Practitioner course and over the entire programme you will spend approximately 138 hours learning practical & results focused NLP techniques/ways in which you change your thinking and therefore your results. You will gain skills, knowledge and experience which will offer you the opportunity to develop yourself and will equip you to help others should you wish. You will learn:

  • The foundations – What NLP is, the History of NLP & applications
  • NLP Communication Model – learn how your mind filters information and has preferences
  • Sensory Acuity – so that you are better able notice the minute changes in others
  • Goal & Setting Outcomes which work!
  • Rapport – using body language and other ways to more effectively get your message across
  • Eye Patterns – learn how to interpret how others process information in their mind
  • Submodailities (Mapping Across & Limiting Belief Change) – change thinking that currently holds you back
  • Swish Patterns – remove old habits and unhelpful emotions/behaviours in a given context to create compelling futures
  • Hierarchy of Ideas – helping you become more flexible in your communication
  • Metaphors – the power of story-telling at the next level
  • Presentation skills – from how to stand, format your presentations, though to gestures to use/avoid
  • Conscious use of Language – Meta Model & Milton Model approaches
  • Anchoring – taking control of your emotions (Resource Anchoring, Collapse Anchoring & Chaining Anchors)
  • Parts Integration – resolve inner conflict and improve decision making
  • Fast Phobia Model – eliminate phobias that effect your life
  • Strategies – learn the visual spelling strategy, how to change the way you think and more!

You will learn how to apply the above applications in:

  • Business
  • Career
  • Coaching
  • Family
  • Personal Growth
  • Relationships
  • Sport
  • Therapy
  • In all types of communication and your everyday life!


How many delegates are on each course?

Our aim is to offer people a highly valuable and quality experience of NLP. To ensure that this is possible, we limit attendance at these events to a maximum of 18 delegates. We anticipate high demand for these high quality courses, therefore we encourage you to ACT NOW!  – you can check out our next available course dates on our Course Schedule page.

I can't find the answer to my question ...

Contact us – Call on 02920 023311 or email us [email protected]

What's included in my investment?

What’s included:

  • Downloadable pre-course Audio Study Programme which is yours to keep and will act as a reference resource during and after the course
  • Open book assessment to embed deeper learning, as well as email & telephone support from the day you enrol
  • 8 days of online virtual classroom training, with access to our Trainers and course Coaches throughout your course – who are happy to answer questions one on one and do whatever we can to ensure you get the best possible experience
  • A comprehensive course manual & a copy of the slides after the course to aid your learning and on-going development
  • All assessment and Unleash Your Potential certification costs
  • “Certified NLP Practitioner” Certificate for those who successfully complete the course
Do you offer discounts if I book multiple courses?

Absolutely. At Unleash Your Potential Ltd we believe in offering our customers increased value when booking additional courses. If you book your NLP Coach course and NLP Practitioner course at the same time you’ll save money. The more you book the more you save!! Contact us for details.

Do you accept Re-Act Funding (Wales)?

Yes, we are delighted to offer people in Wales who have been made redundant the opportunity to complete their NLP Practitioner course using Re-Act Funding. To find out more about Re-Act funding click here or contact Lyn to find out more

How do I book?

We take all bookings over the phone so you can call Lyn on 02920 023311, email us at [email protected] or contact us though our website here.

As soon as you invest we will arrange for your pre-course study to be dispatched to you and will give you advice on how best to go about completing it, so that you get maximum value from the live training. We are here to help support you successfully qualify as an NLP Practitioner – you’ll find us approachable, helpful and friendly all the way through your experience with us – we can’t wait to see and hear how you can use what you’ve learned to improve you results!