Mental Wellbeing Support


– NLP Inspired Tools for Mental Health Awareness Week


In support of Mental Health Awareness week we put together a week of activities and documents to help everyone improve their mental wellbeing, particularly given we’re all having to cope with Covid-19. We’ve collated them here as an ongoing resource. 

Stress Busters are Us! Webinar

During mental health awareness week 2020 Laura delivered a 90 minute webinar where she shared 10 top tips to help everyone reduce their stress levels. She also covered:

  • A better understanding of how the mind works under stress and recognising the early signs.
  • How your mind, body and emotions are connected and impact how you feel
  • One question that will help you get out of overwhelm
  • Lots of practical tools (at least 6!) and exercises that anyone can use straight away to help reduce stress & build resilience

Simply click the video to access the webinar. The password is: JUNE2020

NLP Talks with Laura Evans Podcast – Mental Health Mini Series

In honour of mental health awareness week 2020 we recorded a 3 part podcast mini series. We share our mental health stories and aim to inspire you, whilst providing some top tips! You can check out the videos here:

Our NLP Community had fun creating these videos for you

We also shared other videos Laura created to help improve your

mental wellbeing & health …

Fancy a 5 minute read? – check out our mental wellness blog series below

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Mental Health Awareness Week Mental Wellness Series Unleash Your Potential Ltd
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We also created some helpful PDF guides for you to download and keep …

simply click the image to access the PDF

Mental Health Top Tips
10 was to reduce your stress today
12 life changing habits for 2021 pdf guide