Stress, Anxiety & Pressure: Practical techniques to better manage it

With: Laura Evans, NLP Trainer

 107 Mins



ABNLP Certified NLP Trainer Laura Evans

What we will cover: 

Handle stress and pressure online training course

A better understanding of how the mind works under stress and recognise the early signs

How your mind, body and emotions are connected and impact how you feel

One question that will help you get out of overwhelm

Lots of practical tools (at least 6!) and exercises that anyone can use straight away to help reduce stress & build resilience


What our students say…

“The techniques are explained well and are really easy to use – just what I needed!”

“I love the fact I can access this course anytime online – it’s like having Laura in your pocket when you need her most!”

“I really felt like I was part of the course, learning not only about NLP but ways to reduce my stress levels – superb!”


What will you get? 

107 minutes of valuable video content

5-10 minute bite size chunks which means it’s easily digestible

Immediate access, so in minutes you can be learning

An experience that feels like you’re a delegate in the room

Lots of practical stuff you can use

Unlimited individual access to watch & revisit the material as often as you like

Access on desktop, tablet or mobile at a time and place that suits you

How it’ll work:   

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