Certified NLP Coach Course

Taking coaching and solution focused results to the next level following your NLP Practitioner course

Hear about the course from our Lead Trainer:

This training course includes 3 certificates over 4 days of live training:

In this NLP Course we look to utilise the tools from your NLP Practitioner course and the new ones you’ll gain on this course – Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy. This course looks at how to utilise ALL these skills for the benefit of helping clients get the results that they desire!


NLP is the technology of coaching. Everyone coaches – from the executive coaches in business who coach Directors, Senior Managers, and Business Owners to Line Managers who coach their teams, through to sports coaches or indeed parents who coach their children. An NLP Coach is trained to assist their client to deal with ‘issues’ from their past which are preventing them from getting the results they desire. This course brings together many of the tools that as coaches, we know make the difference when we are working with people. Would you like tools to coach people either professionally or personally to achieve their goals?

What do our delegates say?

If you loved your taste of Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy on your NLP Practitioner course, then on this course you can learn how we did what we did on your NLP Practitioner course. You’ll look at how to structure and price coaching packages, as well as having an opportunity to review case studies so you can consider your own coaching boundaries.

Both our NLP Coach and Master NLP Coach exceed the standards laid down by the ICF and the course is certified by the ABNLP and globally recognised.

Why Choose An NLP Coach/NLP Master Coach  Course?

  • NLP coaching creates a coaching toolkit with a ton of coaching resources in it, that as a coach we need to help our clients/coachees make the changes in their thinking they need, in order to change their results or move forward.
  • There are many conventional coaching courses and I hear from people regularly who struggle to help their clients get the results they need, simply because they’ve ‘run out of ideas’ to help. There is some useful content from conventional coaching courses, but coaching without the tools NLP offers is like trying to push a boulder up a hill sometimes (rather with NLP we get rid of the boulder that’s in the way of someone’s success and help the client move forward from there).
  • NLP coaching utilises all the skills that an NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner has and gives them a clear structure to resolve past problems first and then have a framework to coach them into their future.
  • Whether you are looking for a career change into the coaching world, or want to achieve better results for the people you already coach, want to improve business coaching skills or indeed want to enhance the way you coach anyone then this course is for you.

What’s Involved & When Can I Do It?


  • For Certified NLP Coach – Certified NLP Practitioner (with an ABNLP Trainer known to Unleash Your Potential Ltd)
  • For Certified NLP Master Coach – Certified NLP Master Practitioner (with an ABNLP Trainer known to Unleash Your Potential Ltd)
  • If you have not yet completed your NLP Practitioner course you can book both NLP Practitioner and Certified NLP Coach course at the same time and receive a multi-course booking discount.
  • The NLP Coaching division of the ABNLP require you to be a Time Line Therapy Practitioner prior to being able to be certified as an NLP Coach – this is taken care of for you because we deliver both during this 4 day course.

Pre-Course Study

  • Approx 4 hours – revision of relevant NLP materials
  • Attendance at the above mentioned training course

Live Training

  • Certified NLP Coach certification is delivered as part of our 4 day Certified Coach Course & NLP Master Coach certification is delivered as part of our 14 day Masters Programme.
  • Expand your knowledge acquired on your previous trainings
  • Hear each topic explained and see each subject demonstrated
  • Maximum of 18 delegates on the course
  • Practice in a safe environment

Next Certified NLP Coach Course Dates:

Online25th April 202428th April 2024Laura Evans
Cardiff19th May 202422nd May 2024Laura Evans
Online23rd August 202426th August 2024Laura Evans
Cardiff15th Sept 202418th Sept 2024Laura Evans
Cardiff24th Nov 202427th Nov 2024Laura Evans
Online29th Nov 20242nd Dec 2024Laura Evans

Certified NLP Coach Course

“Really enjoyed the course, fantastic learnings. The practical and classroom work was a fantastic mix!”

Kahina Baouche, HR Manager

Why book our Certified NLP Coach course?

There are many reasons why people choose our NLP courses. Some choose us for our high standards, quality of our trainers and courses – ‘you explain everything clearly and it’s easy for me to get it’. Many people join us because of the way we are able to provide both personal and professional development on our courses. Some book with us because they have been referred to us by a previous delegate, or they’ve heard of the support we provide delegates from the moment they book. Others book because we’re accredited by the Coaching Division of the ABNLP (American Board of NLP) the largest NLP body worldwide and the board with the highest standards – which we exceed in terms of content, syllabus and teaching standards.

At Unleash Your Potential, we teach NLP in a way that means you can put things into practice straight away. It’s not uncommon for us to have people attend our courses having studied elsewhere – “I left [other providers] course without the skill and confidence to actually do NLP – I’ve now learnt it properly and Laura is simply an amazing NLP Trainer – I’m so glad I found her!’

What will I learn on the NLP Coaching part of this course?

This 4 day course includes training in Time Line Therapy (Time Line Therapy Practitioner), Hypnosis (Hypnosis Practitioner) and NLP Coaching (Certified NLP Coach). Please click the link above for the Time Line Therapy & Hypnosis course content. Below you will find the course content for both the Certified NLP Coach Course and the Certified Master NLP Coach Course (which is delivered as part of the NLP Master Practitioner course):

NLP Coach – Course Content

  • Three major outcomes for coaching
  • What NLP Coaching is
  • Understand the difference between Coaching and other types of personal development /counselling / therapy /education / training
  • The Coaching agreement
  • Process Frames for Coaching
  • What you do best inventory
  • Restructuring questions for a specific type of business
  • Personal strength assessment for clients
  • The effectiveness check-list
  • Types of feedback
  • Reframes for the Client
  • The NLP Coaching Cycle
  • Coaching Session Structure

NLP Master Coach – Course Content

  • Coaching according to the Values Levels Thinking
  • Where are Values Levels
  • Values and Motivation Strategy
  • Where and how would you use Values in coaching?
  • the Change state indicator
  • Values Level Thinking
  • Values and secondary gain
  • Negative emotions and values level transitions
  • Coaching according to the thinking values
  • ‘Creating Your Future'(r) coaching techniques
  • The Coaching Values Inventory
What if I've completed my NLP training with a different provider?

No problem. If you have trained with an ABNLP accredited trainer known personally to Unleash Your Potential then it’s entirely possible that you could transition onto our course straight away. If you trained with an ABNLP Trainer not known by us or with a school under a different governing body (such as the SNLP, ANLP, INLPTA etc) we may ask you to complete some ‘top-up’ training to ensure that you are not disadvantaged on course.

If you would like to complete our NLP Practitioner course alongside this 4 day Coach course, just let us know and we’ll share with you the multiple-course booking price for the two courses.

Please call Lyn on 02920 023311 or email her at [email protected] and she’ll talk to you about your experience and advice on next steps.

Do you offer discounts if I book multiple courses?

We offer discounted packages for people who want to become an NLP Coach and currently haven’t yet started studying NLP – during the year we always run an 11 day programme so you can combine all 4 certificates (we run the 7 day Practitioner Course and 4 day NLP Coach/Time Line Therapy/Hypnosis Practitioner course back to back). Check out our training calendar to see the next 11 day programme.

Then you can access the Masters NLP Course where you will be certified as an NLP Master Coach, a Master Practitioner of NLP, a Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy and a Master Practitioner of Hypnosis.

Contact us for details.

Do you offer payment via instalment?

Yes, for courses at Practitioner level and above. Payment via instalment is interest free – e.g. we do not charge you any more for using this option to pay for your course(s). Once you’ve made an initial deposit, we’ll discuss with you how much is left to pay and when you’ll make those payments to us. All courses must be paid for in full before you can attend. Contact us for more details on 02920 023311 or email us at [email protected]

What’s included in my course fees?

Certified NLP Coach:

  • 4 days Certified NLP Coach classroom training, of which your NLP Coaching training is part.

Certified Master NLP Coach:

  • 14 days Master Practitioner Course classroom training, of which your NLP Coaching training is part.
  • Run from well established hotel venues, with access to our Trainers throughout your course – who are happy to answer questions one on one and do whatever we can to ensure you get the best possible experience
  • Refreshments provided throughout the course (you can purchase your lunch at the venue or bring your own)
  • A comprehensive course manual & a copy of the slides after the course to aid your learning and on-going development
  • All assessment and Unleash Your Potential certification costs
How many delegates are on each course?

Our aim is to offer people a highly valuable and quality experience of NLP. To ensure that this is possible, we limit attendance at these events to a maximum of 18 delegates. We anticipate high demand for these high quality courses, therefore we encourage you to ACT NOW!  – you can check out our next available course dates on our training calendar page.

I can't find the answer to my question ...

Contact us – Call on 02920 023311 or email us [email protected]

Who should attend this course?

We have all types of people on our courses. If you want to take your NLP skills, knowledge and experience to the next level following your NLP Practitioner course, so that you can help people in a coaching or therapy context, then the Certified Coach Course is absolutely for you! If you’d like to learn how to use your NLP skills in Coaching, along with Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy or Creating Your Future Techniques then the 4 day Certified NLP Coach course is definitely a course you should attend.

If you’d like to learn how to get amazing results for your clients as part of our two day intensive breakthrough Coaching or Weight Change Paradigm Coaching then you’ll need to qualify as a NLP Master Coach in order that you have the skills to be able to truly help people get the results they desire! (you can qualify for this as part of the 14 day Masters Programme).

How do I book?

We take all bookings over the phone so you can call Lyn on 02920 023311, email us at [email protected] or contact us though our website here.

As soon as you invest we will send out your confirmation of booking. The beauty of this course is there is minimal pre-course study – we will explain what you need to do when we take your booking. You’ll find us approachable, helpful and friendly all the way through your experience with us – we can’t wait to see and hear how you can use what you’ve learned to improve you results!