Communication & Influence Made Easy!

With: Laura Evans, NLP Trainer

 93 Mins


ABNLP Certified NLP Trainer Laura Evans

What we will cover: 

The NLP Communication Model and how to reduce the chances of being misunderstood

Improve your communication by learning how to take 100% responsibility

Understanding your preferences in communication and how this may differ from others

How building rapport and communicating in a way that works for the other person will enable your message to land more effectively

What our students say…

“Communication is key! Fantastic Course, well worth the price!”

“Short, Snappy and Straight to the point. Very accessible and professionally delivered”

“I learnt so much in 90 mins – Laura is a very knowledgeable, engaging & lively trainer. Her session was fun, well paced, informative and very useful”


What will you get? 

93 minutes of valuable video content

5-10 minute bite size chunks which means it’s easily digestible

Immediate access, so in minutes you can be learning

An experience that feels like you’re a delegate in the room

Lots of practical stuff you can use

Unlimited individual access to watch & revisit the material as often as you like

Access on desktop, tablet or mobile at a time and place that suits you


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