Online Diploma in NLP Coaching Course

With: Laura Evans, NLP Trainer

 2 days (10.5 hrs)


ABNLP Certified NLP Trainer Laura Evans

The Diploma in NLP Coaching is aimed at Coaches or aspiring Coaches who are keen to help others get even better results. Through an enhanced understanding of how people think and behave, coupled with some advanced communication skills, watch how your ability to help clients sky-rockets!

Our introductory level Diploma in NLP Coaching is designed specially for anyone wanting to get a great introduction to NLP and some real skills that you can apply personally and in coaching.


What we will cover: 


Why coach & the 3 major outcomes for coaching

Why is NLP so useful in Coaching – build an appreciation about why traditional ‘conscious mind’ coaching has fallen short on delivering on the promise of behavioural change. Understand the research that proves working with the conscious AND unconscious mind gets better coaching outcomes.

A basic model of coaching (GROW) and how NLP fits within this

What is NLP & it’s history (including the difference NLP made to Laura’s coaching practice and how results got easier).

The NLP Communication Model – how to reduce the chances of being misunderstood, how your mind works when processing information and how you can effectively manage your emotional state too! Learning to coach clients in a way that works for THEM leads to an increased likelihood of action being taken & better outcomes.

The Success Mindset of NLP – the 4 Themes of NLP and Presuppositions of NLP when combined, will help you on your path to a successful mindset. They offer a really helpful way of thinking  – especially understanding perception is projection & the power of beliefs as a Coach. Understanding other people’s ‘models of the world’ also enables you to be a more effective coach because you can understand where the client is coming from.

Learn how to help yourself and your clients to move forward from all the excuses and reasons ‘why not’ and have a way to help yourself/your clients take action. You’ll never coach anyone at the effect side of life – learn how to get them to cause and taking responsibility.

Rapport – the basis of all communication. Learn the 6 steps to building deep rapport at the unconscious level (even with people you don’t like for the purposes of effective communication). Build and improve relationships with coaching clients and improve coaching outcomes.

Preferences in language and how we process the world around us. Primary Representational Systems is an amazing tool for understanding our and other people’s preferences. A great tool for individual and group coaching. Use it to tailor your communication in coaching so that what you’re saying is more easily understood by the client. It’s also valuables a tool to share if you’re coaching clients to improve their communication, influence or coaching skills.

Linguistics – understand the ‘giveaways’ that people use in their language and how we can become better coaches, influencers and motivators of others. Learn the impact of 3 watch words that are probably undoing all your great efforts currently!

Setting Goals and Outcomes that work! Based on a study of Harvard MBA graduates. Goal setting in this way means your & your client’s career or business goals are more likely to come to fruition!

Perceptual Positions – a fantastic coaching tool for improving client self-awareness, resolving conflict or helping them to look at problems/scenarios from different angles – enabling new insights!

Understand how getting specific with problems and overwhelm means you can make progress faster. Meta Model is the language of specificity and we’ll share an introduction with you including some questions to help your client’s get specific about their blocks and challenges so you can help them beyond them.

Learn about the value of becoming a flexible communicator with the Hierarchy of Ideas. Learn to chunk up and down your thinking (and the thinking of others) to speed up the conversation vs. uncover more detail. Learn to laterally chunk your thinking too (great for lateral problem solving). Coaching a client in their ‘chunk size’ will aid coaching outcomes.

Values – start to learn about how one of the filters of the unconscious mind determine focus, motivation and ultimately success.

Learn a technique to help you challenge a client’s limiting belief such as ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I fear failure’, ‘I’m not worthy’ and more!

Meta Programmes are a filter of your unconscious mind and are powerful determinants of personality. Learn how they relate to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and how truly understanding someone’s Meta Programmes will help you become an exquisite communicator, influencer, motivator, leader and coach! Learn 11 Meta Programmes and a way to better motivate clients to take action following your coaching sessions. You’ll be given the tools to elicit them and utilise them immediately!

Learn how to observe your client and know that your question has landed and been digested with Sensory Acuity skills.

Discover the power of controlling your own emotional state at all times and the impact this has on results and outcomes. Learn the keys to successful NLP Anchoring, which will mean you can effectively help a client recall a positive emotion at any time (for example: confidence, calm, excitement, motivation etc). There’s an NLP phrase: ‘change your state, change your outcome’. Learn how to help your clients better manage their emotional state through creating a person resource anchor so they can be self sufficient with managing their emotional state well after their coaching session!


What our students say…

“What can I say, other than fantastic. Laura is full of energy and is so knowledgeable, a real expert in the field. I recently completed the 2 day diploma … 100% recommend”

“After a packed two day online course, I’ve learnt huge amounts about NLP, how I can apply it as a Coach and how I can build more productive relationships at work … it was a completely absorbing and fascinating experience”

“Really enjoying the online Diploma in NLP Coaching … you really do feel like you’re in the training room with the students – so much so I have found myself answer Laura’s questions out loud whilst I’ve be studying in the garden!”

“A great introduction to NLP for Coaches. It was thought provoking, informative and gave practical takeaways that I’ve already put into practice. I felt really excited having finished the online course. Thanks Laura!


What will you get? 

Approximately 10.5 hours of valuable video content

20-30 minute bite size chunks which means it’s easily digestible

Immediate access, so in minutes you can be learning

An experience that feels like you’re a delegate in the room

46 page manual for you to print and use as you complete the course

Copy of the slides so you can easily follow along

Lots of practical stuff you can use

Unlimited individual access to watch & revisit the material as often as you like

Access on desktop, tablet or mobile at a time and place that suits you


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