Diploma in NLP Coaching – 2 day NLP Course

An introduction to NLP that will start your journey to helping others with coaching that transforms results, careers, businesses and life!

Hear about the course from our Lead Trainer:

Benefit from NLP in your Coaching Practice

  • Maybe you’re a Coach curious about NLP and how it might help you become an even better Coach? Looking for CPD?
  • Perhaps you’ve had NLP on your to-do list for a while?
  • Are you a freelance Coach who needs to differentiate yourself from other Coaches in the marketplace?
  • Maybe your considering becoming a Coach and hear NLP is great place to start?
  • Do you want to takeaway tools that are truly transformational?
  • Perhaps you want to become a Certified NLP Coach or Master Coach and want to ‘try us out’ before investing in those qualifications?

The Diploma in NLP Coaching is aimed at Coaches or aspiring Coaches who are keen to help others get even better results. Through an enhanced understanding of how people think and behave, coupled with some advanced communication skills, watch how your ability to help clients sky-rockets! It’s for people who want to understand Coaching clients better! If you want to help people truly transform their results, join this course to find out why Coaches around the globe turn to NLP as a key skill in their toolkit of Coaching techniques.

What do our delegates say?

NLP attracts people from all walks of life and is flexible enough to be able to offer something to all types of Coaches. We have people on our NLP Coaching courses from all walks of life – private sector, public sector, third sector, social enterprise, line managers, professionals, senior managers & self employed people for whom coaching is a key skill/methodology for helping their clients. We have people new to Coaching (exploring if coaching is for them) through to experienced Coaches (curious about NLP and wanting to add NLP & Time Line Therapy to their toolkit because they know just how it truly helps clients transform their results). This course is designed to give you more than an introduction to NLP – you will be walking away with tools and methodologies you can use straight away to improve your client’s outcomes!

The Diploma in NLP Coaching not only enables you to start to learn more about people and how the mind works, it also gives you a good grounding in some of the NLP skills set and ways of thinking that NLP trained Coaches around the world have enjoyed for years. Come and learn from our Lead Trainer, Laura Evans – a ILM Level 7 Executive Coach, Master NLP Coach and NLP Coaching Trainer. Come and learn how NLP transformed her Coaching practice and let her share with you some of the tools that enabled her to REALLY start to get her client’s the results they were after!

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Why Choose A Diploma in NLP Coaching Course?

  • Want to understand the 6 steps to building rapport with anyone, even clients you don’t like?
  • Want to discover how communicating with your Coaching clients in a way that works for THEM leads to an increased likelihood of action being taken & better outcomes?
  • Want to be better able to motivate your clients to take agreed action following their Coaching session?
  • Want to learn the NLP ‘Success Mindset’?
  • Want to understand the research that proves working with the conscious and unconscious mind gets better outcomes?
  • How about learning about other people’s ‘model of the world’ and thus become a better Coach because you can understand where the other person is coming from?
  • What if you became a really flexible communicator and understood the role of belief and values in success?
  • What if you could help a client set goals in a way that works for the conscious and unconscious mind – increasing the likelihood it will come to fruition?
  • Maybe you’d like a model to help you coach a client through a relationship conflict, problem solve or develop self awareness/insights?
  • What would happen if you better understood the impact of your language on your client’s results?
  • Would you like ways to help your clients manage their emotional state, build confidence, reduce stress and become more resilient?
  • Want a way to help challenge a client’s limiting beliefs – such as “I’m not good enough”, “I fear failure”, “I’m not worthy” and more!
  • What if you were able to take a client full of excuses & reasons why not AND had a way to help them take responsibility and action?
  • What if you were able to observe your client and KNOW that your questions has landed and been digested?
  • Maybe you know a little about NLP already and want to find out a bit more prior to committing to the Certified 7 day NLP Practitioner course or Certified NLP Coach Course?

What’s Involved & When Can I Do It?


  • None – just an attitude of curiosity and a willingness to learn.

Live Training

  • 2 days Live training
  • Comprehensive Manual
  • Expand your knowledge & hear each topic explained
  • Practice in a safe environment
  • Maximum of 18 delegates on the course
  • Understand how you can immediately apply each topic in coaching
OnlineSat 24th Feb 2024Sun 25th Feb 2024Laura Evans
Course available online On Demand (immediate access) - contact us for details

Complete this course online TODAY!

We recorded Laura delivering this course LIVE in front of a real Diploma course audience and now you can access this course at home. You’ll hear their questions and people tell us it’s like being sat in the back row! You can take part at a speed and time that suits you – fitting it around your other commitments. Download exactly the same manual and slides the students on the course and and train with Laura from the comfort of your home, office, beach or anywhere there is WiFi 🙂  FIND OUT MORE HERE

“Definitely do it – excellent thought provoking course. Thoroughly enjoyed the delivery and style. Lots I can use and can’t wait to go on to complete both my NLP Practitioner and Certified NLP Coach courses!” 

The Investment

We are passionate about sharing how effectively a knowledge of NLP can aid success in all areas of people’s lives – including coaching. Our aim by offering the Diploma in NLP Coaching is to give people a highly valuable and quality experience of NLP – we do not want this to be a seminar, we want people to go away with skills they can put into practice straight away.

Places are £299 (inc VAT) per person including course manual and certificate of attendance.


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(Please note: this course does not qualify you as a Coach – to become a Certified NLP Coach further training is required).

Why book our Diploma in NLP Coaching?

If you want to get an introduction to NLP and learn some of the foundation NLP skills with an experienced and qualified NLP trainer (accredited by the largest NLP governing body in the world – the ABNLP), you are in the right place! In addition to her outstanding NLP credentials, Laura spent 15 years in corporate life before setting up and running her NLP Training business, and is often complimented on her ability to share with others how NLP can easily be applied in various coaching contexts with great success & results. She is an ILM level 7 Executive Coach and like many ILM Coaches was left feeling there was a gap – NLP filled that gap and she shares how on this course. A course packed full with real-life coaching examples – not stuff from textbooks!

What will I learn on the Diploma in NLP Coaching course?

The Diploma in NLP Coaching course is designed as an introduction to NLP for people who are curious about how NLP can assist them in a coaching context (the skills we teach on this course are of course also transferable into everyday life). Our aim is that you leave with some really practical skills and techniques that you can implement immediately in your business, organisation or career.

You will learn:

  • The difference between Coaching vs. NLP Coaching and Coaching vs. training, counselling and mentoring – lots of ‘traditional’ coaching has limited results; learn how NLP coaching is more effective because it works with the unconscious mind – the part of the mind that is responsible for behaviour, leaning, action and outcomes
  • An introduction to the GROW coaching model and how NLP Coaching fits within it
  • What is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) & it’s History
  • Themes of NLP – a helpful way of thinking, including how it relates to business
  • Presuppositions of NLP – a convenient set of assumptions that alongside the Themes of NLP are referred to as the ‘Success mindset’ of NLP
  • The NLP Communication Model – learn how to reduce the chances of misunderstanding between Coach and Coachee as well as the role of thinking and emotions in a person’s outcomes
  • Rapport – rapport is the basis of all communication; you will learn how to build deep rapport at the unconscious level (even with people you don’t like) by using physiology (‘body language’), voice and language. Rapport can be used to build or improve relationships with clients as well as helping them develop the skill?
  • Primary Representational Systems – learn how people structure their inner world and how it is represented in their speech. Learn how to use this to build rapport and hence communicate better at all levels
  • Linguistics – understand some basic ‘giveaways’ that people use in their language and how you can use it to understand their world better and hence, communicate better, become a more effective Coach and/or better use language to motivate or influence
  • Goal & Setting Outcomes which work!
  • 5 principles to Success – simple and effective ways to support clients make progress towards their goals
  • Meta model language patterns – take your questioning skills to the next level – learn how to use specific questioning to enhance communication and clarify imprecise information in a communication
  • Hierarchy of Ideas – Learn how people use different levels of abstraction and detail in their language and how you can use it to improve your communication with Clients
  • Perceptual positions – a fantastic tool for building self-awareness, resolving conflict or being able to look at a problem or scenario from different angles (giving you new insight) and more!
  • Values -start to learn about one of the filters of the unconscious mind and how they determine your (and other people’s) focus and motivation.
  • Meta programs – (a filter of your unconscious mind) learn 11 and how to utilise them to understand your coaching clients. They are powerful determinants of personality and an understanding of them can help improve communication with your clients
  • Sensory Acuity – learn how to notice if your communication is getting through to your client
  • Controlling your emotional state (NLP Anchoring)– learn how to change your emotional state at a moments notice to a feeling that is resourceful and watch how your results change! Create a circle of Confidence on the course too!
Do you accept Re-Act Funding (Wales)?

Yes, we are delighted to offer people in Wales who have been made redundant the opportunity to complete their Diploma in NLP Coaching course using Re-Act Funding. To find out more about Re-Act funding click here or contact Lyn to find out more.

Do you offer discounts if I book multiple courses?

Absolutely. At Unleash Your Potential Ltd we believe in offering our customers increased value when booking additional courses. If you book your NLP Practitioner course and NLP Coach course at the same time you’ll save money. The more you book the more you save!! Contact us for details.

What happens once I book?

As soon as you invest we will send out your confirmation of booking. The beauty of this course is there is no-pre course study, so you can just join us on the two days and soak up the course content. You’ll find us approachable, helpful and friendly all the way through your experience with us – we can’t wait to see and hear how you can use what you’ve learned to improve your results!

What's included in my course fee?
  • 2 days of LIVE Training – full to the rafters with valuable content
  • In Person Courses are run from well established hotel venues, with access to our Trainers throughout your course – we are happy to answer questions one on one and do whatever we can to ensure you get the best possible experience
  • Refreshments provided throughout the course when attended In Person (you can purchase your lunch at the venue or bring your own)
  • A comprehensive course manual & a copy of the slides after the course to aid your learning and on-going development
  • Your Certificate of attendance
  • If you attend the course online with Laura, we’ll email you your Certificate of attendance after the course and if you’re based in the UK we’ll post you your manual ahead of the course.
How many delegates are on each course?

Our aim is to offer people a highly valuable and quality experience of NLP. To ensure that this is possible, we limit attendance at these events to a maximum of 18 delegates. We anticipate high demand for these quality courses, therefore we encourage you to ACT NOW!  – you can check out our next available course dates on our Course Schedule page.

I can't find the answer to my question

Contact us – Call on 02920 023311 or email us [email protected]

Who should attend this course?

Anyone curious about NLP in a coaching context. Any Employee, Manager, Head of Department, Director or Business Owner will gain huge value from this course regardless of their specialism, profession, qualifications, experience, or industry/sector. If your role or profession requires coaching, you’ll get benefit from this course. Professional coaches, ‘newbies’ and everyone in-between join us on this course.

How do I book?

For Cardiff (in-person) and Live Online Diploma in NLP Coaching course bookings please phone Lyn on 02920 023311, email us at [email protected] or contact us though our website here.