I was recently sat in an airport departure lounge awaiting a flight …

There were 2 small children, a boy aged around 8 or 9 and a little girl around 6 or 7 I would guess. Both played quietly on their own in close proximity to their mothers, until the little boy asked his mum if he could go and talk to the little girl. Upon gaining approval over he gingerly went and stood on the opposite side of the table to the little girl. He had his cuddly monster and she had a little rag doll and so the little boy started to tell the little girl all about his monster. I forget the name of the monster, but away he went – that little girl was told all about that monster – his adventures, what he liked and more …. it caught my attention, I was curious and so I started to listen in …. his mum looked on with love and a smile and all of a sudden both mothers started to smile at each other and at the pair. The little girl stood up from her chair, stood and patiently listening.

Then the little boy’s mother said …. “Rocco, why don’t you ask your friend about her doll?” – the little boy, looking quite perplexed whilst he looked at his mother … looked at the little girl … and looked at her doll …. – he was clearly processing what his mother had said. After contemplation he obediently complied with mother’s request and asked the little girl a question – she only managed to get a few lines out and then Rocco jumped back in and started to talk again about his monster. You see, that monster was the MOST important thing to Rocco and he was desperate to talk about him … (they ended up spending the next 20-30 mins together eventually the talking moved on from the monster!).

So what is the lesson here regarding communication? …. I’ll leave you to take whatever you need to learn from the story!

Are you up for a task? – tomorrow, set yourself a little task to either start, stop or continue something that will help you improve your communication …  let me know how you get on 🙂

Have a great day!



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