Time Time

We all live busy lives … time just seems to speed up doesn’t it? You want to achieve more, but somehow time seems to slip through your fingers? You find yourself saying “I wish I could …” or “if only x,y,x”

It’s easy to get stuck on the hamster wheel of live and often we try as hard as we can to change things and somehow expect to achieve more with our time but somehow life seems to keep repeating itself – whether that’s a great intention to get to the gym 5 times this week, get those accounts up to date, or maybe make that call to that loved one … week after week it stays undone … and maybe your the kind of person who priorities other people’s needs before you own?! (if you’re anything like me, then you’ll be saying “yes” to some or all of this!)

Like many people you may be left at the end of the week wondering – “where did that time go?”

The thing is that our mind runs what we call ‘strategies’ all the time. We have strategies for getting out of the bed in the morning, how we brush our teeth, through to how we prioritise and what gets our attention (and by default what doesn’t). You see, by saying yes to one thing you are saying no to something else  – you make these choices all the time – mostly at an unconscious level.

Your time is valuable – maybe that’s why we talk about ‘spending’ time on something. The question is who are you spending your time on? What are you spending time on? Is what you are spending time on making you happy? What if I told you, you could create time  – by saying ‘no’ to things that steal your time? it is possible to create time to spend on the things you love – most importantly spending time on you and what makes your happy?

Maybe you are currently someone that we affectionately refer to as a ‘people pleaser’? (someone who spends time focused on pleasing other people, however often at the sake of themselves). Someone who wants to keep the peace and go with the flow because that is somehow an easier existence?  – when you look at it like this – just consider for a moment …. is that going to make you happy? (and is all you want an existence – I hope not!)

If you could spend a chunk of time (however big or small) on yourself – what would you spend it on? Maybe you’d want to do something? or perhaps, maybe you’d want to sit in the sun with a book and read? or maybe just sit quietly?


Perhaps this Sunday you could consider spending some of your valuable time on you! The thing is, the investment will pay off hugely … the opportunity to relax the brain (it is a muscle after all that needs rest too!), soak up something that feeds your soul and makes your smile, or perhaps just chill out … the choice is yours … but today, how about you jump off the hamster wheel (just for a while) and do something for you!


Enjoy your day (whatever you choose to do, or not do today!) 🙂


(…I’m off out with my lovely dog – to soak up the outdoors, enjoy the fresh air and unwind!)Time


“Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back” – Harvey Mackay