How often do you hear people talking about their goals – their dreams and what they want to achieve. You then talk to them about the progress they’ve made and so often, if people have not made progress, you often hear them talk about all the reasons why they haven’t moved forward – how would it be if you could get rid of what’s holding you back?

How do negative emotions affect your ability to reach your goal?

We make decisions, act and behave in light of the negative emotions that we are holding onto (unconsciously). We have great intentions, however sometimes something stops some of us from acting or moving forward – often it’s fear – of what might be, might not be, what if … etc. The perception negative emotions create also means that our thinking and outlook about what might be possible becomes limited. Over time people tend to store up a load of negative emotions as a result of events in their life, particularly significant events – emotions of anger, sadness, fear, hurt & guilt (which we refer to as the ‘big 5’). People often don’t stop to resolve and release them or get rid of them. It’s like going through life with a dustbin on your back and you keep throwing stuff in it. Some people have less in their dustbin than others. Some people might want to put a lid on it and for some of us, there comes a time in their life when the lid is blown off (often unexpectedly).

You don’t consciously decide to hang onto these negative emotions. Perhaps you might think that some of these negative emotions protect you in some way, but the reality is that negative emotions will harm the body – they don’t serve any useful purpose for us. What actually protects you is your fight or flight response – the emotion is a secondary thing.

What will happen to your goal if you get rid of fear?

On the last NLP Practitioner course students worked in pairs with a Coach and had a tasteIs your goal more important than fear Blog post Unleash Your Potential of Time Line Therapy – and the difference in them, once we’d got rid of the ‘big 5’, was huge. When people set goals, they are often limited by their thinking and this is often limited by the negative emotions they are carrying around. Often once we’ve done the content-free process of Time Line Therapy with people, they decide their goal simply isn’t big enough and all of a sudden everything seems so much more possible – people visibly look and tell me they feel amazing, you hear them chatting in the bar afterwards about how mamboing this ‘weird shit’ is (always makes me chuckle) – “Wow!”, “that was amazing!”, “I had no idea I had all that shit that was holding me back”, “I’m going to resign, I want to give 100% focus to my goal”, “I’m so excited about the future!” ……..

Do you want your goal more than you want to hang onto Fear?

If you want to realise your goal and want help to get rid of negative emotions such as fear that are holding you back, maybe you should consider that you might decide to a call to book your 1-2-1 Time Line Therapy coaching session. How would it be if you booked onto our next jam-packed 7 days NLP Practitioner course to experience Time Line Therapy and learn a ton of ways to change your thinking so you can change your results? Maybe you are a coach or aspire to take your coaching to the next level – how would it be if you had the tools to help your clients realise their potential?


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