LostHow long do some people remain ‘lost’ before they realise it? Do you know that many people never get to the point of becoming aware that they are like the rudderless boat bobbing on the sea waiting to see where the waves take them (some people really enjoy this way of living) … there are many people who wait until the later years of their lives before they start to look back over their shoulder and say ‘how did I end up here’?

Whilst some people think they’ve got it all figured out (or maybe this is something you remember once saying), many are just waiting to see where the wind takes them … but what if this doesn’t make you happy? what if there is more to life?

What if you suddenly realise that you gave up on your dreams, goals and desires when you were younger for whatever reason? You may not have necessarily ‘given up’ but perhaps you let go of what you wanted for yourself … perhaps you sacrificed what you wanted in order to live someone else’s dream … whilst this thought may make some people say “ouch, that’s harsh” there are people for whom this is absolutely true.

Take a moment to look around .. right now, where you are … just pause and take it all in … this ver second …. however you have ended up where you are right now … this is life as you know it!

Some people say you are the product of your choices, but to me this somehow doesn’t completely reflect the fact that we are in fact the product of decisions (which reflects our decision to act or not act) – decisions to do things, decisions not to do things, decisions to ignore things, let go or hold on to things … we make decisions all the time …some consciously, but many unconsciously …  so as Napoleon Hill says:

You are are the master of your own density

If you want help to raise the sails on your boat (once we’ve done any remedial repairs!), want us to support you build the courage and confidence to get hold of the rudder, to set a direction and then navigate towards your goal, we will ensure your load is lighter and your motivation high when you  work with us!

Had enough of being lost?

You care, right? … you want to do something meaningful … because you no longer want to settle for ‘okay’ or ‘good enough’ … are you ready to push yourself? When Walt Disney was bankrupt, he decided to take action that lead him to the empire he has today. When JK Rowling was broke she was spurred on to act and look where she is now. Tony Robbins equally gave away his last $20 and took control to be the success he is today. The thing is, you too can decide to realise your potential … it doesn’t have to be as dramatic as these famous people’s transformation, but you are the main event/the celebrity in your life and we beleive you deserve support you realise your potential – however big or small the changes you want to make.

We offer the unique opportunity of ‘breakthrough sessions‘ which enable you to set your direction and get rid of what is stopping you from taking the very first step towards your professional or personal goal. The Breakthrough session we offer is truly transformational, tailored to you and has set many clients off in the direction they want to move in – with clear purpose and motivation to get what they want – with many of the people we work with saying they wish they had “done it years ago!” We also offer the option of enhancing the value of the 2 day breakthrough even further with coaching support to ensure that you remain focused and held to account for the months that come afterwards – we are experienced results orientated coaches, which means you can be sure your working with experienced coaches that are equipped with the tools and experience to support you!

If you’d like to know more about a Breakthrough session, coaching options,  or our NLP Training courses give us a buzz on 02920 023311and we will be delighted to tell you more – are you ready?!