Is Fear holding you back?

Got a Fear? Do you wish that ‘something’ no longer held you back? – What if you could find a fast and safe way that enables you to once again live life to the full – would that be of interest to you?

Do you fear spiders? Pigeons? Cats or Dogs? Needles? Heights? Flying? Dentists? Maybe you fear social situations like parties? the list of phobias is endless …

Huffington Post, wrote an article based on a YouGov survey last month that shows that out of 2,000 people presented with the 13 things that most scared the UK public, 58% say they suffer with some form of vertigo or acrophobia. The Independent went on to report that within the stats, the gender gap was widest when to came to Spiders (with 52% of Women saying they were scared, and only a third of Men). When looking at age differences the report found that “young people were more likely to be scared of spiders, needles and public speaking, while older people tend more to fear snakes and heights”.

Its is estimated by the NHS that around 10 million people in the UK suffer from Phobias – so if any of the above resonates with you, you are not on your own! (I too used to had a collection of them that I had picked up over the years – fears of snakes, spiders, needles, dentists and drowning – and I could tell you the specific time and place where I had acquired them all).

What are phobias?

A phobia is an overwhelming and debilitating fear of an object, place, situation, feeling or animal (source: NHS). Conventional methods can take years to “treat” a Phobia; with the NHS suggesting gradual exposure as the way to handle simple phobias. For many people the thought of being exposed to their Phobia is enough to sent them into meltdown (I know it used to for me). The NHS talk about using things like CBT, counselling, psychotherapy, with drugs being prescribed only when people need support to help cope with the effects of anxiety. Whether you agree or disagree with the approach of the NHS, waiting lists for “talking” support are huge; i’ve heard of people waiting 18 months to see a counsellor or CBT therapist.

There is a different way to dealing with your Fear ….

We have an alternative to the ‘traditional’ way of dealing with Fears and Phobias ….

the NLP model involves disassociation and can deal with Fears and Phobia’s in one session …

it does not involve exposure to the fear as part of the process … (phew! I hear you say)

it’s an easy and straight forward process …

some people I’ve worked with have even said they enjoyed the process and had they known how much fun getting rid of their phobia could be, they’d have done it years ago!

I’ve heard of reports of all sorts of debilitating PTSD that people have had to struggle to live with for years, totally flabbergasted when they have heard how quick and simple it is to deal with a Fear or Phobia using NLP. People who have seen their loved ones suffer for years, free and able to start living a ‘normal’ life again.

Personally, I have used the Fast Phobia Model with many clients; one of my most recent clients was a gentleman wanting to set up his own business and the only thing that was getting in the way was his fear of public speaking – delivering a presentation to an audience was his idea of hell, he’d be like a different man as soon as you suggested he do a presentation. After 1 session using the Fast Phobia Model, up he went and presented to an audience with ease, he laughed and once finished said how he’d never ever dreamed it would be possible to have fun presenting, let along enjoy it (it’s stories like this that get me out of bed in the morning).


Just imagine for a moment …

… what you could do and enjoy if you were free from your Fear(s) and/or Phobia(s) … looks/sounds/feels good doesn’t it?

How does it work …

Because phobias are a programmed response in the mind, they can be treated effectively with NLP. The fear is gently removed (like removing part of the sound track to a movie – it’s actually the negative kinaesthetic track we are removing) leaving you feeling calm and in control (some have also said they found the process of removing the phobia surprisingly fun!). We are not deleting or removing any memories, we are altering them so that they don’t cause you the emotional turmoil that they once did (in our school of NLP we believe in creating wholeness in the neurology, not deleting or removing memories). What we are doing is removing the negative emotions that are attached to that internal representation (or memory). The technique we are using is called the Fast Phobia Model – and as it suggests it’s fast and also so easy a 12 year old could do it. All you have to do is want to change and follow the instructions of your practitioner – in the words on one fury friend – Simples!

People have genuinely changed their lives with this technique alone!

So, what next?

We teach the Fast Phobia Model to all our NLP Practitioner students, so if you want to learn how to use this technique alongside a whole bunch of other things then our NLP courses are for you. Our quality courses offer a really great and cost effective way for you to learn and experience NLP first hand. If, on the other hand, you have a Phobia or Fear that you would like to get rid of, then we offer 121 sessions for you with one of our experienced team who would be happy to free you from your fear or phobia.

Get in touch at [email protected] to get rid of those phobias or book onto one of our NLP Practitioner course and get the life you deserve!