In the past, have you set goals but then wondered why they are so hard to achieve?

Perhaps you started off with fantastic intentions … Goals NLP Unleash Your Potential Coursesit all started so well … you had clarity, you had purpose, you had motivation …. but for some reason you found yourself drifting off course … you worked hard to keep yourself on track, and perhaps you managed to maintain focus for a while longer, but then perhaps you just came off course altogether – sound familiar?!

The challenge …

We set goals using our conscious mind – we sit, and we say or write down “I am going to do X” or “I’m going to stop/start Y” …. the challenge is that it is in fact our unconscious mind that controls our motivation (the ‘goal getting’ part of our mind). Motivation is held at the unconscious level and is connected to our values.

We often don’t know where our values have come from; we may have unconsciously picked them up from our parents when we were very small, picked them up from role models or friends as we grew up, or even acquired them when we started in the world of work – one thing we do know is that because values are held at the unconscious level we are extremely unlikely to know what all our values really are – my guess is that if we elicited your values using NLP techniques, there would be some surprises – I know I was surprised the first time I uncovered mine (it was swiftly followed with comments such as “I see, now I know why I do x, y, z” – accompanied with the roll of the eyes as I realised what had been happening all these years!)

When our goal setting and motivation are aligned, we have a significantly increased chance of achieving our goals – it’s like they are all aligned and our conscious and unconscious focus is all going in the same direction. When our goal setting and motivation are not aligned, it is alway the unconscious mind (our motivation linked to our values) that wins the day – so if you consciously set a goal, but for some reason your unconscious mind has other ideas … you’ll find it really harder to achieve your goals.

The good news with NLP you can achieve your goals!

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has within it a way of thinking and a way of goal setting that means I can help you align your unconscious mind behind the goals you want to achieve. We use the ‘keys to achievable outcomes’ to ensure your goals are well formed. We then have Time Line Therapy™ (TLT) to remove any limiting decisions you have unconsciously install in your past that may get in the way of you achieving your goal and then we can set about putting your goal in place and ensure your values are aligned to it – giving you the best recipe for success (we teach this on the Time Line Therapy™ courses).

Breakthrough Coaching

To ensure we address everything and to set you up for success, we offer personalised and individual 2 day breakthrough packages that are ideal for individuals serious about getting a mindset that will truly unleash their potential and lead to the success they deserve (regardless of if this is within your personal or professional life). You get the chance to stop and spend quality time on yourself, which means you could acquire a success mindset … you deserve it …. just imagine, what if you did? (I’m excited for you, I hope you are too!)

NLP Courses

Alternatively if you’d like to attend the ultimate personal development experience and learn alongside others, you’d probably like the 7 day NLP Practitioner course. This course not only qualifies you to use NLP with others, but is an amazing course for helping you get out of your own way and take strides towards that goal you want to achieve! You’ll learn the ultimate in goal setting and we’ll ensure you get tools to help you change your thinking, so you can change your results. If this interests you, check out the NLP Practitioner course.