NLP super charges personal development!

  • Do you have a passion for Personal Development and being the best you?
  • Want to improve yourself, to learn, to develop, and reach your goals?
  • Interested in ways to change your thinking to improve your results?
  • What to let go of what’s holding you back, get clarity and quieten that inner critic?
  • Fed up of drifting along and ‘coping’ with stuff as it happens? want your mojo back?!

If you said ‘Yes’ to any of the above, and you are ready to take action and do something different then NLP is for you! Personal development is all about improving yourself to be the best version of you, so you can lead a fulfilled life and realise your dreams! NLP has helped many thousands of personal development enthusiasts over the years move forward – people like Tony Robbins started in the world of NLP!

How widely is NLP used within Personal Development arenas?

The use of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in personal development arena is MASSIVE.  There are many definitions of NLP, some say it’s the study of human excellence. It’s an attitude and methodology that’s left behind a trail of techniques. It helps us free ourselves from the past and helps us realise our goals (to find out more read: What is NLP?). So many of the personal development ‘gurus’ use NLP because they can bring about change QUICKLY. A lot of the techniques Tony Robbins uses for example have their roots in NLP (even if people like Tony don’t call it NLP anymore). NLP is not simply a bunch of techniques (although there are some amazing and hugely successful ones). NLP is about having an attitude of curiosity and a willingness to experiment it’s a life skill and approach to life that’s worth learning – to get curious about the processes you are running, get under the skin of them and then make the changes to deliver the change in outcomes or results you want.

How can NLP help with your personal development?

You can consider NLP Coaching (1-2-1 development) or NLP courses (where you learn and develop in a group environment with like minded people). You’d be surprised how many people come on NLP Practitioner courses purely for personal development – it’s like a 7 day personal development seminar where you get to work on you, uninterrupted! At the start of every NLP Practitioner course that we run we says to our students ‘treat the next 7 days as 7 days to work on yourself. 7 days to fix what is holding you back and if you do this, you will learn NLP really well’ and if you then want to go on to help others you’ll have the skills to do this should you wish. I am a firm believer that you should apply what you learn to yourself first and only then are you really able to share with others the huge benefits that NLP can provide in terms of personal development.

Why is NLP so good for personal development? – NLP, Time Line Therapy™, NLP Coaching and Hypnosis use the potential of the unconscious mind – this is the super computer than runs everyones behaviour and consequently any changes you make at the unconscious level are INSTANT and LAST. We can help people set goals that work for the unconscious AND unconscious mind, get rid of negative emotions & baggage from the past, remove limiting beliefs, resolve internal conflict, help you quieten that inner critic and load more! The traditional ways of positive affirmations, life coaching and positive thinking are much more of a conscious process and so consequently they take a lot longer, much longer, to bring about change for you.

It is my belief that we are only limited by our thinking … if we can change our thinking, we can change our results!

NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis are in my view the some of the most powerful personal development tools around – combined I think they are simply AWESOME! I’ve been in and around NLP to varying degrees for years and seen countless people change their lives for the better using what we teach on our NLP courses. Changes that have been instant, that have lasted and have transformed people’s lives. Personal Development that helps people achieve their goals and dreams – when many of our NLP delegates look back they wonder why on earth they thought it wasn’t possible!

What’s wrong with a lot of Personal Development?

Now, I think that the change you can deliver in yourself by some means alone, can be limited – there are very few people who have made profound changes simply by reading or watching YouTube videos (change yes, but life changing? – I’m not so sure – I certainly haven’t met anyone that fits the profound life changing category). I’m not against reading personal development books or watching personal development YouTube videos – both have their place, however, it’s what we call conscious learning – given all change, learning and behaviour is unconscious this is a challenge for creating lasting change). If your personal development books simply collect dust on the shelf or your videos sit on your ‘watch later’ playlist on YouTube they’re clearly not going to be of much benefit to you. If you read/watch things to still have to consciously remember to do things differently and therefore over time their effectiveness is reduced because people get blown of track (how often have you started, but then after a while look back and realised you stopped??).

A final thought …

The question is – do you want personal development badly enough to invest in yourself? One thing is is for sure, if you don’t do anything about your personal development then you won’t develop yourself and not much will change in your life. The choice is yours.