Looking for ways to reduce your nerves and anxiety? In this video Laura will share with you how you can reduce your nerves and anxiety in just 5 minutes!

You may have experienced getting nervous in certain situations. In this video, Laura shares her top tips for dealing with nerves and anxiety.

Laura begins talking about adrenaline and how nervousness can appear for us in a number of ways.  When adrenaline is being pumped through your system, you can get symptoms of shaky hands, a thumping heart, sweaty palms.

By understanding how your body works, especially the vagus nerve,  you can learn to understand what is happening and take control of yourself.

In the video Laura explores the following topics and shares her tips on how they can help with nerves and anxiety:

  1. Grounding yourself
  2. Peripheral Vision
  3. Breathing
  4. Using a yawn

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Video created by Laura Evans – Award -winning NLP Trainer, self-improvement & NLP Expert helping Coaches and Professionals to unleash their potential in business and life with high-quality NLP Training, learn more about Laura and her award-winning training at the Unleash Your Potential website.

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