Many of us suffer with Imposter Syndrome, according to research 70% of us will experience Imposter Syndrome in our lives and the good news is we are in great company even celebrities are in that 70%. In this video, Laura will share with you how you can get over imposter syndrome in six easy tips.

Imposter syndrome otherwise known as feeling like a ‘fraud’ affects 70% of us according to research, yup you read the right, the majority of us!

It impedes our happiness, emotional and mental health, bank balances, careers, and the impact we were born to make in this world.

In this video I share with you just how common Imposter Syndrome is and 6 top tips on how to manage yours!

Watch the video and let me know in the comments which tips you find most useful and add some of your own too – tell me what works for you!

  1. Imposter Syndrome Tip 1 – Who is on your speed dial?
  2. Imposter Syndrome Tip 2 – What you focus on, is what you get.
  3. Imposter Syndrome Tip 3 – Get yourself a brag file
  4. Imposter Syndrome Tip 4 – Track your successes & trip ups
  5. Imposter Syndrome Tip 5 – What is your mantra?
  6. Imposter Syndrome Tip 6 – Accept that you’re not perfect & let it go

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