When we have a thought or idea that we want to do or get across, we have to communicate to other people. Many do not get past this stage of wanting to, for they decide that they will wait until everything is perfect before they tell anyone or do anything.

I have heard people say that they’ll start when they have more money, time, learn more, practice more, when the kids are older, etc, etc, etc. The challenge with this is there is no perfect time. The best time to get started is now. Yes, you may need to be selective at first with whom you talk to as there are negative people out there who may try to stop you or shut you down. Yet, I have found that most people shut themselves down by their fears and the need to have everything just so.

I was talking to a lady, a Lawyer. She wanted to go for a job interview to get a promotion. She had spoken to her sister about the interview. Her sister replied, “make sure you do the interview perfectly, because in this city people know each other and if you blow it, you can kiss your promotion in any firm goodbye”.

Perfection the unlovable goal

WOW, no pressure there then! Going into an interview with that in your mind is a good way to blow it. You will probably be terrified, which can cause the mistakes you are trying to prevent. I have heard things like this before. What you need is encouragement and to focus on doing your best. The world does not end with a bad interview. Failure in interviews is not fatal.

Reality is much brighter when you look at the most successful people out there. As one person said they ‘failed their way to the top!’ Successful people say they learn by their mistakes and went on. There are millionaires that lost everything, brushed themselves off and then created more millions. They talked to people and connected with them. You can’t succeed by being an island alone.

We are not born with all knowledge on all things (the truth is we’ll never achieve that!). We are not robots, calculating our every move. We are human beings that learn by what we do (take a small child learning to walk, they learn by doing, by taking risks by repeatedly going for it). As adults we discover by how we interact. We learn when we communicate our thoughts and ideas. Are there naysayers out there? Yes, so stay away from them. Listen to the critics of course if their feedback or challenge is constructive (and comes from a good place of wanting to help you), but stay away from those predisposed to being scared to take risks or are just plain negative. Find the people who are looking forward to hearing from you and wish to encourage you. You will always learn more when you surround yourself by people who want to encourage you and/or those on the same mission as you. You will often learn more when you don’t get it perfect, then when you do!I remember seeing the below and it really resonated. Let me know what you think of it ….


‘It is in the trying and being that makes us human. It is the journey not the end that tells us who we are and what we are made of. Perfection is not a means, it leaves no room for variation, creativity and understanding of the process. It is through the trial and error that we gain knowledge and wisdom. We remember and learn more through our mistakes than by what we do perfectly. For if everything were perfect, done perfect, there would be no journey, no life, no adventure,…only an end.’

Are you a perfectionist who’s ready to take action to address it ….

In full transparency, I can’t say I’ve totally nailed my perfectionist tendencies, but having done a LOT of NLP work on myself, I’ve come to realise that perfectionism is the product of a fear of failure. High standards (which I have will always have) is different to perfectionism. You see it’s the fear of failure that makes some people go further than others, to drive beyond a 100% so they know without doubt ‘X’ will not fail. Many perfectionists view failure as catastrophic. If you can remove the limiting belief of ‘I fear Failure’ perfectionism doesn’t have such a strong grip (you can check out my video series on beating limiting beliefs HERE).

If you’re ready to kick your perfectionist tendencies into touch or want to learn more about how your can enjoy the journey (rather than just focusing purely on the end goal or avoiding catastrophe), you’ll want to check out our NLP Practitioner course.  I’m sure it can help you, like it’s helped me 🙂

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