Did you know it’s been scientifically proven that being kind improves your quality of life? The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation list pages of research that proves that kindness increases your happiness, life span, energy levels, pleasure and more! They go on to show that kindness decreases stress, anxiety, blood pressure, depression and pain. Fascinating stuff, right?!

I love that kindness is also contagious. One act of kindness often leads to another and another …. a positive domino affect of kindness and positivity. Stanford University research has shown that even witnessing acts of kindness can positively impact someone’s mood.

In order to spread the kindness on Random Acts of Kindness day we’ve collated some of our favourite Random Acts of Kindness that we can all do today!

You can check out and download our Random Acts of Kindness ideas by clicking the Random Acts of Kindness image or clicking the link below:

Random Acts of Kindness Day Unleash Your Potential NLP Training

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas


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