Today’s blog is all about Habits, Beliefs and Values – combined they are a powerful combination that will either propel you to success, or hold you back – they can even be the source of the self-sabotage that one client was talking to me about last week and in my view are powerful determinants of success.

How would it be if you could change your Habits, Beliefs and Values quickly, in order to improve your results and ability to reach success?  What if you could could install new Habits, Beliefs and Values that super-charge your ability to realise your goals? What if could change a belief in 20 minutes, a Habits in about 30 minutes and a whole set of Values in 60 minutes?!

Habits – patterns of successful behaviour?

Habits are patterns of behaviour – they are well trodden paths or sequences of steps that consistentlyHabits NLP Straetgies NLP Laura Evans Unleash Your Potential Certified NLP Practitioner get us a specific outcome – in NLP we know them as ‘Strategies’ and we have really easy ways of understanding and changing someone’s strategies (those that have already undertaken the NLP Practitioner course will recall we usually use eye pattern rehearsal to install new strategies easily and effortlessly). Habits are like a series of things that happen on auto-pilot – we’re not consciously doing each step – it happens at the unconscious level. Habits can be useful/resourceful or could be unhelpful or even lead to a consistently undesired outcome!

Motivation gets you started. Habit keeps you going ~ Jim Rohn

There are many people who have written on the subject of Habits and how to create them without NLP. Some people find these helpful and many people have followed the rules and installed some great new habits. Depending on who you talk to, they’ll tell you that habits can take 21 days to be formed – how would it be if I told you with NLP we would them in minutes rather than days (depending on what habit it is and which technique we use to help you) – changing a strategy can take as little as 30 minutes with NLP.

All sorts of people use NLP techniques to  (1) understand the patterns they are running in their head, then (2) review if they are helpful, and if not (3) we change them, easily. A colleague of mine does a lot of golf coaching and he works with a golfer on the golf course and changes a strategy of the golfer on the course in a matter of minutes (because the golfer is an NLP Master Practitioner, it takes even less time because of his experience, knowledge and skills in NLP).

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Beliefs  – either empower you or hold you back from success

Beliefs are the things that we hold to be true. The fact however if that our beliefs are not true – yeah, you heard me right, your beliefs aren’t true, but we act as if they are, consequently they are a self fulling prophecy.

You can have beliefs that limit you, they hold you back – beliefs such as: I can’t do ‘x’, I’m not good enough, I’ll never be able to do that, etc etc. On the other hand beliefs could empower us – beliefs such as: I’ve got all the resources I need to do this, I’m totally good enough, I’m the best at what I do, people are getting the best by buying my services or products, etc.

The thing is that what you believe about yourself, the world around you, about others will undoubtably impact on the action you take/don’t take – your behaviour. If we change what you believe about yourself, you will act differently and consequently you will change your results. One of the most powerful belief changes I did personally was around a belief I held around selling – I used NLP a number of years ago to totally change my beliefs about my ability to sell – the results were fantastic!

To move ahead you need to believe in yourself … have conviction in your beliefs and the confidence to execute those beliefs ~ Adlin Sinclair

The beauty with the NLP belief change process is that an NLP Practitioner can take a belief that is limiting you and in around 20 minutes change it into a belief that totally empowers you – just imagine what that could do to your results?

Values – what motivates you and determines what you spend time on …

Values are what motivate us, they are filters of the unconscious mind, they are what is important to us – they therefore determine what we do or don’t spend time on. Our beliefs and values are connected – each value will have a set of beliefs attached to them. Values NLP Master Practitioner course Laura Evans Unleash Your PotentialValues determine our focus – our direction of thinking. They are high level generalisations (so often single words like: money, happiness, love, joy, individual, success, family, passion, trust etc).

Most people think they know they’re values – and if you told me your values right now, most likely you would tell me your aspirational values – what you’d like them to be rather than what they are – because consciously you don’t really know what they are. As I wrote in an earlier blog, Values are often picked up from when we were younger, and very few people ever stop to review them – yet, when you know how significant they are in directing your thinking, what you spend time on etc – it makes you wonder why we haven’t reviewed them before.

People sometimes complain that they state their goals, and take steps towards them but after a while motivation starts to reduce and they start to veer off course (you see this often in weight loss, new business start ups, new relationships etc). Most of the time when this happens it will be because your values are not aligned to your goal – and your values will always win because they are part of your unconscious mind which is much more powerful that your conscious mind (which most people use to consciously write their desired outcome or goal).

Master Practitioners can elicit a set of Values and change any that you would like in around 60 minutes (depending on the client). By aligning your values to your goal, it’s like super charging your goal (often we also use Time Line Therapy to also ensure the unconscious mind is chasing the goal as much as the concours mind is – we have a great technique for doing this – and every time my Values are aligned behind a goal that’s in my timeline, it always happens!).

Will you take accountability to create the life you want, or leave it to chance?

Many people complain about the life they have. They blame others, the environment, what’s going on around them. They seem to not want to take responsibly for what’s going on. They are what we call in NLP on the ‘effect’ side of life. the NLP mindset teaches us to take responsibility, to be at ’cause’ for what we think, act and to change things if required. The only person who can change things, who can change the things that we know directly impact our individual success is you – the question is will you?

When your habits, beliefs and values are working for you and supporting you stride towards your goal you’ll be unstoppable!

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