Most coaching doesn’t work….REALLY?! – YES! This may seem like a strange statement for a highly experienced coach to make…well…. In this video, Laura will share with you her thoughts on coaching and why most coaching doesn’t work. 

Having been an executive & business coach for 19+ years Laura seen the coaching industry grow. It’s unregulated and so many different types of coaching have been developed.

Some focusing on just conscious thoughts and processing and some also looking at some of the patterns and unconscious patterns people run.

In NLP we believe the unconscious mind runs behavior and in order to get the best possible coaching outcomes, we need to use this part of the mind.

It’s Laura’s view that ‘conscious mind’ coaching alone is not enough IF we want to help clients to results FAST!

Take a look at the video and learn how NLP coaching gets results super fast and delivers outstanding results, making real change at a deep level, enabling people to move forward and get the results they truly want.

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*PLEASE NOTE – All footage of training was filmed before Covid, we now run Covid secure events for all NLP Practitioner training courses.


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Video created by Laura Evans – Award -winning NLP Trainer, self-improvement & NLP Expert helping Coaches and Professionals to unleash their potential in business and life with high-quality NLP Training, learn more about Laura and her award-winning training at the Unleash Your Potential website.

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