I still remember the delight when finding out that I had been selected as a finalist for ‘Welsh Business Woman of the Year 2020’ at the National Business Woman’s Awards. One of the largest Business Women’s Awards in the UK. I was invited to go to London to be amongst some of the best female entrepreneurs across the whole of the UK! After many delays due to Covid restrictions, the award ceremony finally went ahead on 22nd July 2021.

The National Business Women’s Awards created the category of Welsh Business Woman of the Year to celebrate business women operating in Wales “who have achieved accomplishments of significance over the past 12 months. Successful finalists will possess qualities of vision, innovation, entrepreneurial drive, leadership and demonstrate their commitment to gender diversity”.

So how did I demonstrate I’d done just that?? ….. let me share with you some extracts from the award application:

Unleash Your Potential – An Award Winning Mission

‘Unleash Your Potential exists to help people escape their fears and grow and achieve in ways they never thought possible … Our mission is to help individuals unleash their potential in business and life. Although I love and am good at one-to-one coaching, this will never achieve the impact I want, my vision is to train 5000 individuals over 10 years. If each client, coached just 10 people during their lifetime, that’s 50,000 peoples’ lives changed. This desire to see people grow and achieve stems from a life of personal obstacles and adversity, from bullying to depression to being homeless and in debt, which caused self-doubt and imposter syndrome. Nobody should have to go through this and Unleash Your Potential was born because of that. I am proud to have one of the most successful NLP businesses in Wales and the UK [also recognised as the Leading NLP Training Provider in Wales in 2020 & 2021]. Unleash Your Potential is not interested in being a ‘certificate factory‘, we go out of our way to help delegates to be capable and competent practitioners who can make a real difference. I love that on my courses people transform and start to believe they can achieve things they once thought were impossible. Unleash Your Potential’s focus is simple: we provide practical, high quality, accessible courses, that are exceptional value alongside Exceptional Customer Service and Quality.’

The story of Laura Evans – the leading light …

‘My story is one of resilience, relentless drive, ambition and tenacity, setting up a business that transforms lives despite significant barriers. I have built a strong reputation as a trainer of trainers and a coach to coaches, creating a profitable business …. Of the 550 people trained [to May 2020] over 300 are women; I have changed their lives and helped many develop successful businesses.

Laura Evans Welsh Business Woman of the Year 2020 2021 award wining NLP Trainer

I know this through the testimonials received, this is an example: “Laura is one of those people that deserves an OBE, she is outstanding, she changes people’s lives”. [students stay] …“I was so inspired” and “she is life-changing”….I have been told I am an inspirational role model for women in Wales. The majority of clients that have gone onto set up businesses are women, and they tell me I am a leading light in showing other women it’s possible to set up and run your own successful business’

[you can check out our testimonials HERE]

Unleash Your Potential exists to …

‘Unleash Your Potential exists to help people unleash their potential in business and life. Helping people escape their fears, grow and achieve in ways they never thought possible, through transformational training courses and outstanding customer service. We help people change their thinking to change their results.’

What did the judges say about Laura’s Achievements?

“The focus and attention to helping people grow is such a strong winner in today’s world.”


“A great business model, built of a strong foundation of life experiences. Its very clear that Laura has some serious determination and drive to succeed!”


… but this Business Award is not just about Laura Evans ….

Whilst it was me that stood on that stage on 22nd July 2021 to collect the award and whilst it’s me that is the director of this business and the captain of this ship, the award belongs to many others too.

Whilst this award was based on business performance and activities for the preceding 12 months to May 2020, the real test of the business was when the pandemic hit. Without my team, there would be no Unleash Your Potential – this business is simply too big for one person (especially trading in such unprecedented times). This award is about the team work that surrounds this business from the volunteer coaches who support the delivery of our high quality courses, to the team behind the scenes. Huge thanks to Lyn our Operations Manager who is my rock and customer champion as well as to Mark Perkins my Teaching Assistant in the training room during the pandemic (soon to be NLP Trainer in his own right following my mentorship).

The award also belongs to our students – without them there would be no business. Those that entrust me to guide them, support them and help them develop and grow. Those that I support to create coaching businesses or progress their careers. When the pandemic hit my first thought was how do I best serve my community. I needed to be a Leader for my community and to shine the light on what could be done. I ran all sorts of coaching sessions, trainings and helped them transition to working online. I am forever pivoting my business to best serve my community and I helped our community to do the same.

I am hugely proud of what I’ve achieved since setting up Unleash Your Potential in 2014 and am excited as we press ahead with the plans for the future … including my forthcoming book and new business development courses to help people start and scale their businesses!

I must also stop to thank all those that have personally supported me though the years … my family and friends. In particular my step mum Sandy and ex-husband Gary (who is still a best buddy!) – the unwavering support of these two people have been the biggest support no-one else out there will have seen.

So what does then next fews years hold? …. wait and see …. whatever … it’s going to be epic and I intend to enjoy the ride … you coming???

(if you’re interested in becoming a certified NLP Practitioner and starting your journey CLICK HERE)

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