How are you coping with working at home? Have you managed to secure a routine?  Would some top tips on how to thrive not just survive working from home be helpful?

We are all adjusting to working from home and learning new ways of coping during this Coronavirus pandemic.  

It doesn’t mean that we can’t thrive when working from home, perhaps it just needs a little bit of thought.

Laura has put together her top 5 tips for thriving not just surviving working from home in a short video for you to watch.

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Her top 5 tips include

1. Boundaries – make sure you set them for a great work-life balance.

2. Physical distancing is a necessity, but social distancing is not.  We all need to feel connected, Laura shares her strategy for doing this.

3. Make sure you are considering your mind and body – being mindful has never been so important!

4. Sleep – having a great sleep routine is a crucial factor in staying mentally and physically healthy.

5. Be grateful – practicing gratitude is a most excellent way to keep up the positivity.

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