I recently visited a friend near London whilst I was coaching on a NLP Practitioner course. Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I LOVE seeing people grow; seeing & hearing how their life is changing during the week of their NLP Practitioner course …

… I was staying in a lovely house … the typical 2 up, 2 down … a garden at the back … a busy house … a house full of all sorts of things … every room you went into there was more … clothes, boxes, trinkets and more … I became curious … I started to become aware that there was an order to the house … but it was not the kind of order or organisation that I would have chosen in my model of the world … my friend seemed to be able to put her hand on whatever she needed.  The house was full of rituals (including the common one of not wearing your shoes in the lounge), with everything having it’s place …

booksIn the lounge there were 3 book shelves from floor to ceiling …. and then I turned to see a cupboard full of more books … out on the stairs there was more reading material ….. and as I became more and more aware I realised there were books and folders of information everywhere in this house … and then I realised the number CD audio books around the lounge & DVDs for personal development … this friend of mine clearly had a thirst for information way beyond what I had previously known …. the topics in her library were vast … you name it, there was probably a resource on it there … I wondered, had my friend read all these books, or watched the DVDs, or listened to all the CDs? I wonder for what purpose she has this vast collection of books? …. what was the connection between all these resources? …. had this information provided her with more knowledge? Can you ever have enough books in your ‘library’ of resources? If you could choose to have any resources in your internal library of resources what would you choose to have, or are all the resources you need already there, right now?

and then it struck me ….

… what strikes your about this story? I’ll leave you to take whatever learnings you need to from the story.

Have a great evening!



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