What’s more important at Christmas – Presents or Presence? – an interesting thought … Christmas for many has turned into a commercial affair with lots of gifts exchanged, however, just stop and think about what’s more valuable – presents or presence?

We are a nation of time poor people these days and the opportunity at Christmas of time together, to talk, to reconnect is invaluable if we want a fulfilled and enriched life. Relationships with others play a key part in mental health too. Maybe there is someone you can think of that might not get the luxury of someone being physically present this Christmas – what could you do to help? a phone call? a visit? – could you make time for someone this Christmas – I’m sure it would make the world of difference.


There’s no time like the present …

Christmas always seems to cost a lot. What a lot of us don’t do is put a price on our time. Time is our most valuable commodity. When it’s spent, it’s spent. It can never be got back. Many of us at Christmas are reminded of people who are no longer with us. Many of us find ourselves saying, I’d do anything to have more time with them, just one more conversation, to tell them that you love them, to right any wrongs or simply to enjoy their company just once more.

When I consider what Christmas meant to my Grandparents, it was about spending time with the family. Having their family all around them. Sure, they wanted the grandchildren to have the presents they were after, but the joy was watching us as the grandchildren opening our presents. The looks on our faces as we grinned ear to ear and looked loving at our grandparent, leapt to our feet and kissed and hugged them. At times the words ‘Thank You’ weren’t even needed (although we were reminded to say them!).

Those are the memories I have of Christmas as a child – the memories of many of the presents themselves are long gone apart from the ones where for example my Grandad hand made me a toy horse stable, my Grandpa made me an item on his wood lathe or my Gran hand knitted me something. It was the meaning attached to those items and who had made them for me.

Maybe Christmas in the opportunity to rebuild some great relationships?

Maybe you’re reading this and thinking – that’s all lovely for you Laura, but I don’t have those kinds of memories. I hear you, but you can decide today that you are going to start creating memories. Maybe you didn’t or don’t have great relationships with your family. Maybe the idea of having your family around you at Christmas fills you with dread. If this is you, you might find my blog on how to handle difficult people useful – especially the part about improving your relationship with these people.

Perhaps a good focus for Christmas is to create memories and enjoy as many moments as you can? – there is good everywhere in everything – can you find more things to be grateful for this Christmas? – now there’s a challenge!

Happy Christmas!

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