Valentines’ Day is all about Love – and many people forget that needs to start with you!

There was a time when I didn’t love myself – the very thought of ‘loving myself’ seemed somehow to be the wrong thing to say or do (I didn’t want to be like those people who just ‘love themselves’ and think they are the centre of the universe etc). I was my worst critic – I knew all my flaws, all the reasons I might stumble, and indeed I would never have talked to anyone else the way I used to talk to myself – I didn’t really care about me at all  … I’d shove anything in my mouth for example …. I was prepared to sacrifice ‘me’ for others …

It wasn’t until I was on one of my early NLP courses and we were studying how to change a limiting belief to a more empowering belief (something that only takes about 20 minutes). I was struggling to find something to change in class. I looked at my trainer and said ‘what should I do?’ – he looked back at me, paused, and said – ‘do you love yourself?’ – my gut reaction was No, I don’t want to be arrogant and strut around like some people do – then I paused … and asked myself ‘what would it mean to love myself?’ – do you recognise the great qualities you have? Do you belief you deserve to be loved? Are you kind to yourself? How is your ‘self-talk’ – is it about taking learnings form events that have happened? Do you take time out for you? Do you prioritise your own needs? Do you care about you?

What would it mean to you if you loved yourself? (even just a little more than you do right now) –Unleash Your Potential NLP Laura Evanshow you would you treat yourself, talk to yourself, look at yourself?

Needless to say I changed my limiting belief from “I don’t love myself” to 100% believing something much more empowering …. that “I love myself” (and a host of other things have changed since) – and now if you asked me if I love myself …… I don’t run a mile from the question anymore!

If you’d like help to change the way you think about yourself, give me call and let’s talk …

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