Would you like to find out what your limiting beliefs are really costing you? Take a look at Laura’s three-part mini video series where you can learn about limiting beliefs what they are and aren’t and go on a journey to change them for the better.

You have the power to decide to believe something different. What if your beliefs were not true? What if you could believe whatever you chose? If you can believe you can do things, you empower yourself!

Video 1 – The cost & curse of limiting beliefs

In part one we explore what limiting beliefs really are, how we interpret our experiences. Laura takes a look at how we often make generalizations and then she shares three simple questions that reveal what your limiting beliefs are costing you.

Video 2 – Challenge yourself 

In part two it is the time to challenge yourself….once you have established the limiting beliefs you hold, it is now time to practice a simple NLP technique that is designed to challenge it…do you really have the evidence to support that limiting belief that’s holding you back?

Video 3 – Eliminate Limiting beliefs

In part three we take all the learnings from the previous videos and focus on eliminating those limiting beliefs with an NLP technique.  We often act as if our beliefs are true, what if you put them in past? And change your language to reflect that this problem was in the past…all of a sudden things begin to shift!

Let us know how you get on with smashing those limiting beliefs, challenging your thinking and the difference it makes to you.

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Video created by Laura Evans – Award -winning NLP Trainer, self-improvement & NLP Expert helping Coaches and Professionals to unleash their potential in business and life with high-quality NLP Training, learn more about Laura and her training at the Unleash Your Potential website.

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