Do you procrastinate? Do you put things off? Do you find that an exciting ‘shiny’ thing comes along and means you get distracted? Do you get to the end of the day and find that you’ve been busy but there are things not done that you know you really should have done? Do you avoid things? Do you find that you waste a lot of time doing anything other than what you need to do? (do you find that all of a sudden lots of things seem appealing, that normally you wouldn’t even think twice about doing, simply because you’d rather do ‘anything’ rather than the thing you need to do!).  Blog Post Procrastination the time thief read about procrastination and how to help it




Is procrastination using stress to motivate us?

The reasons people procrastinate are varied. The thing with procrastination is that it gets you nowhere. It means you’re putting energy into not doing things (how logical does that sound, NOT!! – but we simply don’t think of it like that at the time). Whilst procrastination may not cause you huge problems initially, the pressure to act starts to build over time … you try to ignore it, then you try to ignore it some more … then it gets to the point where you can’t avoid it any longer and whatever ‘it is’ has to be done … congratulations you’ve managed to successfully stress yourself out enough to motivate you. Stress is not a good way to motivate yourself – stress harms the body (and of course you’ll have wasted a ton of time and energy etc in the process).

Procrastination gets you nowhere ….

Procrastination means you’re going to struggle to get out of life what you want because of the strategy you are running in your head. Do you want your life to be limited by something as simple as a strategy that you use to think??????

Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin – Victor Kiam

Changing the strategy gives you peace of mind … would you be interested in learning how to change your strategy … what would life be like for you if you no longer procrastinated? How much more time would you have? How great would life be if you no longer procrastinated? What else would you be able to do, achieve and more?

Stop procrastination with NLP

Our NLP Practitioner course is great for those that want to get rid of procrastination in order to create the life they want. We show you how to understand a particular strategy that runs in your mind and how to install a new more helpful strategy. In particular, we show students how to use a technique called chaining anchors to install a new strategy in around 12 minutes – that takes a client from a ‘stuck’ state (e.g. procrastination) and ensure their client get to a ‘moving’ state (e.g. motivation) – so if in the future you are in a situation where you used to procrastinate – you will unconsciously move through to motivation instantly. Just think how much time an NLP Practitioner course could save you in the long term with just this one technique?

Want to find out when this course is next running? – check our course schedule/calendar here. Get in contact if you’d like to find out more – email [email protected] or give us a call for chat – 02920 023311.

Change your thinking – Change your results (and even your life for good!)