You hear many people talk about being stuck (you might not call it stuck – maybe you feel like yourfeeling stuck unstuck unsticker NLP Coaching NLP Training NLP Cardiff NLP Bristol treading water, that something is holding you back, perhaps there is internal chatter that’s getting to you, or you know that there is more ‘somewhere out there’ for you). Perhaps you are stuck in a relationship, perhaps you’re stuck or have ground to a halt with your weight & fitness goals, perhaps you want to progress your business but there is something getting in the way? maybe you have a dream and you’re not sure if it’s possible to even get there, because currently you can’t see how to? Maybe you’re at a point in your career where you want more, but feel like there are no obvious way to move forward, or maybe decisions are being made around you that effect you and you feel frustrated because things are out of your control. Maybe you want to set up your own business but something such as fear is stopping you. On the other hand maybe you have a business already but you’ve lost focus or can’t seem to find your Mojo or somehow seem to be off course. Maybe some of the above resonates with you, or perhaps you’re simply at a cross roads and don’t know which way to turn ….

Feeling stuck is more common than you might think – you’re not on your own. As human beings we strive for a number of things (some similar and some different to the next person), but research tells us is that it’s by investing in and developing ourselves that makes the difference in so many areas in our lives (ever heard the phrase that your business/career only ever grows as fast as you do?). Personal and Professional development opens up possibility, new ideas and fresh thinking in any of your life you choose.

Your results are only limited by your thinking. If you change your thinking, you change your results.

Coaching helps you get unstuck …

For some, development is in the form of a coach, who is able to great space for you to think, to ask you some great questions and is able to help you move stuff out of your way so you can see more clearly and get back on track to your goals (have you ever experienced that feeling when you feel you’re on a greasy slope and can’t get Unleash Your Potential Laura Evans Lindsey 2your grip or perhaps there is a boulder in your way that we need to get rid of – how would it be if we changed this for you?). Experienced coaches have a toolkit of things they can draw upon to help others easily and effortlessly make changes – it’s a fast way to bring about positive change that is specifically tailored to you and your goals and needs. Coaching supports many of us to achieve our goals and dreams, coaches are like a ‘challenging friend’, who can for example help you see a different perspective on things or with NLP we can quickly help you change your thinking so you can get those results that you desire. Coaching is great for people that are too busy to invest time in a course – people who want bespoke & tailored one-to-one support. I’ve coached people in business for years using my executive coaching skills, Myers Briggs experience or NLP. I love seeing the transformation in others that coaching can bring – it’s a value add process that leads to better decisions, thoughtful leadership and happier people!  If you’d like to talk more about coaching, either email us on [email protected] or call us on 02920 023311

Training helps you get unstuck …


For other people development comes in the form of training and shared learning with others – Cardiff NLP NLP Practitioner Courses NLP Training Unleash Your Potential Cardiff NLP courseslearning new skills and ways of thinking, tools and techniques that you can then utilise whenever you require. Training is also great for people who want to understand ‘how do you do that?’. It’s great for coaches or leaders who want to be able to use a new way of thinking to help others – people who want additional tools in their toolkit to help others bring about change in themselves. As an HR professional NLP made me a much better communicator, influencer, Coach and gave me a different mindset/a new perspective on things. I became clearer about what I wanted, I got over a ton of things that I didn’t realise were holding me back – I had a ton of personal development myself form my first NLP course, and walked away with a ton of really valuable tools and techniques that I had the confidence to put into place straight away with others.

So are you stuck?

Whether it’s coaching or training – you can take steps today to get unstuck and move forward, to grow and to blossom into the amazingly successful person you have the potential of being. The illusion of being stuck is of course in the head (you aren’t physically stuck – unless of course you are stuck in a bog somewhere in the Brecon Beacons!). What we need to do is empower ourselves to make decisions for ourselves (no-decision in my model of the world is worse than making the wrong decision – because as long as you make a decision and remain flexible to adapt to the feedback you’re getting you can make it work for you). Making a decision means you are taking back control – you are deciding that you are no longer at the effect side of something or someone else.

Our next NLP courses in Cardiff or London ….

We have a number of NLP courses running in Cardiff and London. Check out our course schedule page to find out which courses are running when and in which location. Cardiff NLP Practitioner Laura Evans Unleash Your PotentialWe offer high value, high quality course, where we only take a small number of people so you get plenty of access to the trainer to ask as many questions as you’d like. You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience to join the NLP Business Diploma or Certified NLP Practitioner course. Curious to find out more? – drop us a note using the Contact Us page and we’ll come back to you!


(p.s. here’s the link to an earlier blog I wrote about unsticking yourself – it has tips on things you can do right now to help!)